Minimum Elements in Evacuation Diagrams

It is true that Evacuation Diagrams is a must for all Business Premises in Australia.

Now we are going to see if one complies with Australian Standard AS 3745 –2010 as any Evacuation Diagrams in Australia have to comply with AS 3745 – 2010

Take for an example is an Evacuation Diagram created by CMG Fire and Safety Services as below


There are minimum elements in an Evacuation Diagram that is specified in Australian Standard AS 3745 –2010. We are going to have a look if the above Evacuation Diagram meets the minimum requirement.

The minimum elements are:

  • A pictorial representation of the floor which shall be at lease 200 mm x 150 mm.
  • The ‘YOU ARE HERE’ location
  • The designated exits in the facility, which shall be green
  • The following communication equipment, where installed:
  1. Warden intercommunication points (WIPs), which shall be red
  1. Manual call points (MCPs), which shall be red and emergency call points (ECPs), which shall be coloured white, or have a black border
  1. Main controls/panels for the occupant warning equipment
  • Hose reels, which shall be red
  • Hydrants, which shall be red.Extinguishers, which shall be red with additional appropriate colour as specified in AS/NZ
  • Fire blankets, which shall be coloured red
  • Fire indicator panel (FIP), if provided
  • Refugees, if present
  • Validity date
  • Location of assembly area(s), either stated in words of pictorially represented
  • A legend which shall reflect the symbol used

From what can be seen from the picture is the Title  Evacuation Plan, I believe this is fine as an Evacuation Diagram can be also called Evacuation Plan. The Diagram does not have a WIP but that depends on the premise. The legend is present and the colours of the symbol are showing correctly such as hose reels in red, fire blanket in red, FIP in red and designated exits in green.

The assembly area is present on the right pane and there is a spot to show the validity date of the diagram.

In general you could be confident that this Evacuation Diagram complies with Australian Standard AS 3745 -2010